Renown Kickstarter Launched!

Hello everyone! It’s been a bit for me, I’ve been out west helping a friend with his own project and making some money to support Renown and Stonehome. Sadly the internet, and to a lesser degree technology, are hard to come by on a ranch in California which made things difficult at times. A huge thanks go to my friend and business partner Drew for his patience and hard work while I’ve been gone. [Read More]

How to Play Renown

Before we get to the how to play we wanted to make sure you had the chance to see our Kickstarter video in case you missed it. It was fun to make and we hope you enjoy it. Within the next few days we will have a how to play video coming out as well. While you wait though enjoy the awesome graphics put together by one of our illustrators Andrea Montano. [Read More]

The Personalities Part Three

We have 12 personalities and have covered 6 so far. Lets finish them off, shall we? Also, keep an eye on for next week’s blog where we teach you how to play this wonderful game we made. So, without further ado.. The Waffle Wizard / Waffles the White Waffles is a favorite among the townsfolk of Gloria’s Landing, providing delicious breakfast through magical means. The early concept for Waffles was a wizard who people constantly got his name wrong. [Read More]

The Personalities Part Two

We would like to apologize for the delay on the rest of the personalities. We ran into some technical problems and got off track. But now we are back and ready to go! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the look at the next three personalities. Progression of Black Bart by Sean McMillan Farm Boy / Black Bart Farm Boy is a fun and unique character compared to the rest of the cast. [Read More]

The Personalities Part One

Today we would like to take this time and start to introduce the personalities that grace Gloria’s Landing. When playing Renown you take on the role of one of twelve unique personalities. Your goal is to take that personality and become the biggest and baddest you can be. With one exception, each character has two parts. The side you start on is the personality when you are first starting out, trying to figure out how to become famous and gain Renown. [Read More]

Gen Con 50th Anniversary

We are here to celebrate 50 years of Gen Con today. To those of you who don’t know what Gen Con is, it is the largest gaming convention in the United States. Gen Con covers everything game related, from tabletop and card games, to video games, role-playing, miniatures, and a surprising number of other categories. It is hosted every year in Indianapolis in August and has a major impact on the tabletop scene every year. [Read More]

An Origin Story

(Mitch is in a cabin in the woods somewhere, so he will be absent from the blog this week.) Losing is winning. It all started with a conversation about how losing a game would be a fun way to win. I took the idea to Mitch and we started brainstorming all the different ways you could make a game where you wanted to lose. Sadly everything we did just turned into winning a different way. [Read More]

Week 1: The Introductions

Whether you are friend, family, or just stumbled upon us by accident, we are glad to have you here. So hello, and welcome, to the developer’s blog for the upcoming card game Renown, produced by us, Stonehome Games. My name is Drew Whitney and I am one of the two founders of Stonehome Games, alongside my long time friend and collaborator Mitch Hamrick. I’ll let Mitch handle his own introduction. As for myself, I am a guy in his 30’s who is a lifelong fan of anything to do with card and board games. [Read More]