The Personalities Part Three

We have 12 personalities and have covered 6 so far. Lets finish them off, shall we? Also, keep an eye on for next week’s blog where we teach you how to play this wonderful game we made.

So, without further ado..

The Waffle Wizard / Waffles the White

Waffles the Wizard

Waffles is a favorite among the townsfolk of Gloria’s Landing, providing delicious breakfast through magical means. The early concept for Waffles was a wizard who people constantly got his name wrong. Then Sean came along and drew his likeness and everything changed.Waffles went from a fun experiment to a full fledged wizard of waffles. He is a delightful blend of silly art with serious game-play. Often considered one of the more powerful early personalities, Waffles allows for a lot of early game burst, drawing extra cards. While his powers aren’t attacks or ways to get a one-up on an opponent, they allow Waffles to retain advantage through the whole game if carefully planned.

Thanks to Sean McNiff for making Waffles the wizard he is today through his awesome art.

The Sorceress’s Apprentice / Sheila, The Middle-Aged Witch

The Sorceress's Apprentice

Our second resident magic wielder among the main cast, The Sorceress’s Apprentice has similar problems as Waffles. The people who reside in Gloria’s Landing see her as someone who had potential but just didn’t make it. Well now she has. One her base level Sheila is simply an apprentice, learning the true ways of magic. Similar to Mickey Mouse in the classic Sorcerer’s Apprentice, she is stuck learning low level magic in an attempt to gain power. Luckily for her she has a good teacher.

When The Sorceress’s Apprentice flips to her prestige side her potency becomes pretty amazing. She gains the ability to copy any other personality power on the board that is currently face-up. None of the other personalities have anything similar, and when facing the newly advanced Sheila, the Middle-Aged Witch, her opponents will quickly realize how terrifying it is.

Thanks to Yury Nikifarau for bringing Sheila to life, animal companions and all.

Cletus, Hero in Training / Cletus, Champion of the Realm


Ahh Cletus. What a good guy. Similar to Gary, Cletus is somewhat of an everyman in Renown. He begins the game with limited powers and no attributes, leaving him somewhat weak, although still effective. When he gains that 10 renown though and switches to his prestige side, watch out.

Cletus has something no one else has in Renown, a ton of attributes. On his second side he has one of each attribute, making him able to complete quests on his own or with minimal help.

When we were designing Cletus we were all over the board on what he should do. Was he a fighter? Soldier? We even considered him being a personality with no ability at one point, just attributes. Instead Cletus is a protector. He is willing to throw himself in front of his followers, saving them in times of peril.

Thanks to Doug Knollenberg, also known as “Famous” Doug, for making the true champion of Gloria’s Landing such a rousing success.

Deckhand Chase / Captain Cornelius

Captain Cornelius

Can you name the most famous Cornelius? I couldn’t. Back before the personalities had two sides Captain Cornelius was a fun name we assigned a filler character. When we started moving on to actual naming and themes we had kind of fallen in love with the name so we fully embraced it.

Figure out that Cornelius thing yet? Well you may be surprised to realize it is none other than Chevy Chase. One of our more random inside jokes, Deckhand Chase on his base level, embodies the realm of a simple sailor learning the ways of the world.

His powers are simple enough, but allow for the player to maintain a constant presence through all levels of the game if paired with the right cards. The good Captain gains a small advantage when he reaches prestige, able to aid his followers when on the quests.

Thank you to Peter Steadman for bringing his unique style to his personality, allowing the Captain to set sail for Gloria’s Landing.

Crazy Ivan / Ivan, High Inquisitor

Crazy Ivan

Ivan is a maniac. We mean that in the best way possible, but even then, he is still a madman. Ivan brings a level of crazy to Renown that none of the other characters possess. On his base side Ivan is a local nut, capable of anything.

We designed Ivan with the idea that he always had a plan in mind, even if you couldn’t tell what it was. His powers allow him to manipulate the gamestate, messing with Honorable and Dishonorable cards fairly freely.

When he reaches prestige his powers switch, allowing his opponents to bribe him with cards to gain cards of their own. His powers of manipulation allow Ivan to control those around him and get them to do his bidding.

Shout out and thanks to E.W. Schneider for his awesome take on Ivan, truly showing his crazy colors.

Danni Tavernborn / Danni, Father of Flagons

Danni, Father of Flagons

Danni was the last character we added to Renown, so we figured it was only fitting to end on him. If the names weren’t obvious enough, Danni is a fun little reference to the enchanting Daenerys, in all her glory.

Unlike Dany, Danni (confused yet?) was destined for humble beginnings. On his base side, Dani has a strange ability, able to discard cards to directly gain Renown. Because of this he is often the first to hit his prestige side, where the party can begin.

Once he flips, Danni is able to hand out flagons to his followers, giving them power to do extra on his own. We find Danni to be one of the most fun personalities to play at any level of experience with Renown and cannot wait to see what shenanigans you all get up to with him.

A special thanks to Crystal Galloway for her amazing art, creating the fun loving ruler of the bar that is Danni Tavernborn.