How to Play Renown

Before we get to the how to play we wanted to make sure you had the chance to see our Kickstarter video in case you missed it. It was fun to make and we hope you enjoy it.

Within the next few days we will have a how to play video coming out as well. While you wait though enjoy the awesome graphics put together by one of our illustrators Andrea Montano.

Renown is a card game based in a conglomerate of fantasy tropes and a fun setting. Based in the town of Gloria’s Landing, the goal is to take your personality and gain become the best and the brightest the town has ever seen.

Renown Playmat

As seen here on our playmat the layout is fairly simple. You have a Quest Deck, Town Deck, the appropriate discard piles, places for quests and for buildings, including the most important building, Town Square.

Renown’s play is pretty simple, but the intricacies can lead to a lot of fun interactions. The image we are linking too here is the same one that will be used on our Kickstarter and the first preview piece beyond the video we are sharing. We hope you enjoy and can’t wait to play with you!