The Personalities Part Two

We would like to apologize for the delay on the rest of the personalities. We ran into some technical problems and got off track. But now we are back and ready to go!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the look at the next three personalities. Progression of Black Bart by Sean McMillan

Farm Boy / Black Bart

Farm Boy to Black Bart

Farm Boy is a fun and unique character compared to the rest of the cast. He starts off as a normal personality, ready to gain Renown and climb the ladder like everyone else. He is a simple Farm Boy looking to become someone famous. Then, right when he starts to become famous, BAM! Black Bart makes his appearance and everything changes.

Black Bart is different from the other personalities in that instead of trying to reach 20 Renown he tries to get back to 0. The original Martyrdom concept we discussed in an earlier blog was kept alive through Black Bart. We really wanted something to represent the history of our game and this turned out to be a thematic and fun way to do so.

Thanks to Sean McMillan for the wonderful art on both Farm Boy and Black Bart. Those who are familiar with our own Mitch Hamrick may recognize the cheekiness to the art.

Gary / Gary McFeely

Ahh Gary. The most simple of our personalities in name. Gary is the everyman. Reminiscent of such people as Mr. Rodgers or Ned Flanders, Gary represents the part of Gloria’s Landing that live a normal life but are still caught up in the constant hubbub of quests and peril.

Gary’s powers are simple and allow him to gather more followers and use them differently than others. He is a relatively simple personality that has a ton of early game depth. Don’t be fooled by his simple demeanor, Gary wants the prize just as much as the rest of them.

Upcoming art is by Matthew Swauger.

Judge Trudy / Supreme Judge Trudy

Judge Trudy

When we first designed Judge Trudy her name wasn’t mean to stick. Instead somehow she became the living embodiment of law and rule within Renown. Her powers are different than others, allowing her to manipulate Honorable and Dishonorable cards and mess with your opponent’s personality directly.

Part Judge Judy part Judge Dredd, Trudy is a fun character who we are glad stuck around. Her powers went through more changes than any other personality, and we believe they have finally struck a fine balance of useful and strategic.

Trudy’s likeness was drawn by Andrea Montano. She captured the wonderful ridiculousness perfectly.