The Personalities Part One

Today we would like to take this time and start to introduce the personalities that grace Gloria’s Landing. When playing Renown you take on the role of one of twelve unique personalities. Your goal is to take that personality and become the biggest and baddest you can be. With one exception, each character has two parts. The side you start on is the personality when you are first starting out, trying to figure out how to become famous and gain Renown. The other side is the personality after gaining enough Renown, once they have started to gain notice and become someone truly important.

It would be a bit much to discuss them all at once so we are staggering them. Today I will introduce you to three and tomorrow Mitch will cover another three.

Next week we will reveal the rest.


Sister Carrie Clarence

Sister Carrie Clarence

I’m going to start with the one exception in Renown. Sister Carrie Clarence, unlike her fellow townsfolk, only has one side to her personality. Typically when a personality reaches 10 Renown they flip over to their new persona, winning when they hit 20. Instead the good Sister stays the same, remaining righteous and pure throughout.

In the first incarnation during the design process her name was Sister Grace and she was meant to be the epitome of the Honorable mechanic. At the time we were trying to figure out how to design a character who would stay the same as the game went on and eventually we realized that Sister Grace would fit perfectly into that position. Her powers evolved to reflect the character as we saw her and as we entered the final naming phase, Sister Grace became Sister Carrie Clarence.

Carrie can be a bit tricky to play if the cards aren’t going your way, so she has to be played with good timing and decision making. While restricted from using Dishonorable cards, we have found that she is still able to strike a good balance of speed and versatility.

Thank you to James McCauley who did an excellent job of capturing Sister Carrie Clarence’s essence in her card art.

Anastasia the Mayor’s Daughter / The Baroness

After spending so much time on Renown I have nicknames for some of the cards, often out of necessity, as they were constantly changing. Because of this I tend to think of Anastasia as “The Realtor.” Buildings are her game and she is damn good at it.

We had a lot of fun with Anastasia, since she does things the other personalities can’t. Her ability allows her to directly interact with Gloria’s Landing, picking and choosing how she wants to play the game. When she flips and becomes The Baroness her limited amount of early power becomes exemplified, allowing her to dominate the town.

Anastasia starts the game as this privileged individual, able to use her small amount of clout to control parts of the town. Her capability to make buildings exclusive is a huge swing, often controlling the pace of the early game. As the game goes on and she flips, she is able to take advantage of the growing amount of buildings, using them at her leisure.

The forthcoming art will be by Olivia Richard.

Logan the Barbarian

Logan the Barbarian

Logan is one of the few originals left from back when Renown was still Martyrdom. As an original personality, he has gone through surprisingly few changes compared to the rest of the cast. Logan is brash and bold, willing to take on any quests that come his way. When he has gained enough Renown and he flips, he becomes Logan the Destroyer, a ruthless threat who kills who he chooses.

Logan is the type of personality that just fits Renown perfectly. We had fun with naming him and the various parts of his card. His name is an obvious reference to Conan, but his card powers also add a little Wolverine to that as well. His first power is “Logan’s Run” which lets him escape unscathed. After becoming Logan the Destroyer he gains “Berserker Rage” and is able to kill any follower in play.

He is one of my personal favorites and I often choose to play him during any playtest games. I can’t wait to see what kind of adventures people go on with him in the future.

Thanks to Phillip Hoover for Logan’s art and capturing his beefiness.